Established brand in high quality media

Welt der Wunder TV has operated for decades in the second largest TV market in the world, Germany. We broadcast, produce and market high-quality content. We benefit from an established network with all globally leading content providers, TV stations and other media platforms. This way we are positioned within the center of the professional media industry. The many years of experience in international license sales and the knowledge of the needs of content producers and customers are the fundamentals of our success.

With MILC we enter the next evolutionary step!

MILC Platform Features

MILC City Metaverse

Browser-based 3D-environment with endless possibilities, powered by Unreal Engine!

MILC Content Place

The first blockchain-based content marketplace with an intuitive 3D-UI for the professional media industry.

MILC Banking House

Your way to leverage the MILC community and crowdfund yopur movie project!

MILC Community Building

Enter the first live Metaverse Social Community App

Music, Gaming, Shopping and much more!

There will be buildings and areas for every thinkable purpose!

MILC Media Licensing Token (MLT)

Fuel of the MILC Metaverse

EARN 50% of revenues generated with ads within the Metaverse in MLT!


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MLT Smart Contracts


2017 – 2019
2020 – Q1 2021
Q1- Q2 2021
Q3 – Q4 2021
Q1 – Q2 2022
Q3 2022
Q4 2022
Q1 – Q2 2023
Q3 – Q4 2023
2024 – 2025

2017 – 2019

Ideation and Project Establishment

  • Whitepaper V1.0
  • Partnership with SwissTXT
  • Angel Investments
  • MILC Media Hub Development

2020 – Q1 2021

Media Hub MVP and Blockchain Strategy

  • Media Hub as program managing system at Welt der Wunder TV
  • Open Store System Development
  • MLT Token Strategy & Development

Q1- Q2 2021

MLT Fundraising and Token Launch

  • Whitepaper V2.1
  • MLT Private Sale
  • Human Capital Onboarding
  • Open Store UI Development
  • MLT Public Sale (IDO)
  • Token Launch on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain
  • Listings on decentralized exchanges

Q3 – Q4 2021

MILC Metaverse Grand Opening

  • Three-Pillar-Strategy implementation
  • Staking on 3rd Party Platforms
  • MILC Metaverse 1.0
  • MILC Content Marketplace 1.0
  • MLT Listing on Top 10 Exchange

Q1 – Q2 2022

MILC Metaverse Evolution

  • Metaverse 2.0 Launch
  • Social Community Platform Launch
  • Human Capital Expansion
  • Onboarding Media Partners
  • Onboarding Gaming Partners

Q3 2022

MILC Metaverse Evolution

  • Whitepaper V2.2
  • Roadmap Update
  • Project Website Revamp
  • Foundation of MILC Inc in the US
  • Onboarding Technical Advisory Board

Q4 2022

MILC Metaverse Evolution

  • MLT Staking Platform
  • Blockchain Integration
  • Start of global MILC Metaverse Marketing Campaign
  • MILC Social Media App
  • Metaverse Multiplayer
  • Access to first Metaverse Buildings
  • Community Townhouses
  • STO Offering

Q1 – Q2 2023

MILC Metaverse Flourishing

  • NFT Marketplace
  • Festival Area Access
  • First Short Film Festival in the Metaverse
  • ILO Platform
  • VR Implementation
  • Movie Crowdfunding Platform

Q3 – Q4 2023

MILC Metaverse Maturity

  • Metaverse TV-Station
  • Metaverse Podcasts
  • MILC AI Implementation
  • Hardware Infrastructure Expansion
  • Ongoing Human Capital Expansion

2024 – 2025

MILC Metaverse Maturity

  • Ongoing Establishment among Top Metaverses and Social Media Platforms




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